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PubH 1001: Success Over Stress, PubH 1002: Personal Tech & Wellbeing, PubH 1003: Alcohol & College Life, PubH 1004: Sexuality Matters, and PubH 1005: Sleep, Eat & Exercise are offered through the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus during fall, spring, and summer terms and are delivered asynchronously and completely online, giving you the flexibility to complete these courses from anywhere, whenever it is convenient for you. You just need a few hours a week, a reliable internet connection, and an interest in developing a healthier you!

Look for our courses under Public Health in the online class schedule, and do not hesitate to contact us with questions!

If you are a current University of Minnesota ‐ Twin Cities or Rochester student, you can register for Rothenberger Institute (RI) courses just as you would your other courses—through the online class schedule via your MyU portal. By the first day of the term, you can expect your RI course to show up in your list of courses in your Canvas dashboard.

If you are a current University of Minnesota student enrolled on the Crookston, Duluth, or Morris campus and you are interested in taking an RI course that’s not offered on your campus, you can register for a Twin Cities section of the course by filling out a multi‐institutional form. You will need to consult with your advisor to discuss how RI courses fit into your course plan, as well as your financial aid office.

Even if you’re not an admitted student at the University of Minnesota and Rothenberger Institute (RI) courses aren’t offered through your own campus, you can still take an RI course by enrolling as a non–degree student. The non‐degree registration website explains the registration process, as well as how to initiate your University of Minnesota online account, pay your bill, and explore resources for financial aid.

Opening quotes

It was very welcoming and it felt like a safe environment to be completely honest and self-reflect.

Closing quotes—Sexuality Matters student
Opening quotes

As a result of this class, I was able to adapt my lifestyle into a much more healthy lifestyle. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning more about keeping your body healthy.

Closing quotes—Sleep, Eat & Exercise student
Opening quotes

[A strength of this course is that it] presented facts for both sides of debate, which allowed students to shape their own values and opinions.

Closing quotes—Alcohol & College Life student
Opening quotes

Good ideas and suggestions about how to save money and make good use out of campus resources.

Closing quotes—Financial Fitness student
Opening quotes

Overall this course was extremely beneficial to me and provided me with many new tips and tricks to cope with stress.

Closing quotes—Success Over Stress student